Meliora Consulting Limited - Transform Your Day .............. and Your Business
Is your company based in the North West of England ?
Are you or  the personnel in your organisation already stretched to capacity ?
Are you a sole trader or small company who just cannot justify employing somebody full  time to assist you with those essential Administrative tasks ?
Do you have a specific project  that needs to be done efficiently but quickly, yet  lack the expertise or time in your company to fulfil ?
Do  you wish you had someone on whom  you could rely to commit to a project or  short term contract and who didn’t add to your overhead costs ( nor whom would have any employee liabilities or  rights )  ?
Wouldn’t it be ideal to have someone you could call on when you needed them  who was committed to get that job done and would have no entitlement to sick or holiday pay or in the worst case, who wouldn’t take you to an Employment Tribunal ?
If you can answer yes to just one of the above and have regular or even single Administrative related tasks to fulfil, then you need to talk to Meliora Consulting Ltd and see how we can transform your day......................... and your business !
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